471 North Street, Albury, NSW, 2640 (Greenfield Park)

Table Tennis in Albury Wodonga. Catering for all players.

Pennant competition and Keenagers (for over 50′)

2024 Registration forms are now available on our registration page.

Results from the Senior & Junior Tournament 17 -19 May 2024
Under 1600 Points Singles Runner-up Blanes, Jay
O30 Women’s Singles Runner-up Bowd, Michelle
Open Mixed Doubles Runner-up Eldridge, Sandra
Open Women’s Singles Runner-up Eldridge, Sandra
Open Men’s Doubles Winner Geering, Levi
U21 Singles Winner Geering, Levi
U19 Boy’s Doubles Winner Geering, Levi
Under 1900 Points Singles Winner Geering, Levi
U19 Boy’s Singles Runner-up Geering, Levi
U17 Boy’s Singles Runner-up Geering, Levi
U21 Singles Runner-up Geering, Max
Under 1900 Points Singles Runner-up Geering, Max
U19 Boy’s Doubles Winner Geering, Max
Under 1000 Points Singles Runner-up Gibbs, Stuart
Under 1300 Points Singles Winner Harding, Ashley
Under 1000 Points Singles Winner Jackson, Nathan
Open Mixed Doubles Runner-up Mensinga, Geert
Open Men’s Doubles Winner Palmer, Sam
O30 Men’s Singles Winner Palmer, Sam
U11 Boy’s Singles Runner-up Singh, Samarth
U13 Boy’s Singles Runner-up Singh, Samarth
Photos are on our Facebook page.

Congratulations to our Summer 2024 Winners
Division 1 Leading Player: – David Smith
Division 1 Team Winners – Albury Engineering & Mower Service. Vilfred Correa, Ian Radley (F/I), Hayden Scott (Away)
Division 2 Leading Players – Rohan Hempel & Russell Auwardt 
Division 2 Team Winners – Seaton Arms Motor Inn.
Rohan Hempel, Marko Graovac, Jakob Graovac

Division 3 Leading Player – Ian Hutchins
Division 3 Team Winners – Commercial Club.
Ian Hutchins, Ethan Hutchins, Lucas Hutchins

Division 4 Leading Players Cassie Kreutzberger & Dallas McCurdy
Division 4 Team Winners AlburyCity.
Dallas McCurdy, Maya McCurdy

Photos on our Photos page.

2023 Spring Season Results
Our Spring Season has now been completed. The results are: –
Division 1 Leading Player –Levi Geering
Division 1 Final Results – Table Tennis World 3 (A. Wurtz (F/I), L. Norton Smith (L. Geering away) Def Helloworld 2 D. Smith M. Smith
Division 2 Leading Player – Rohan Hempel
Division 2 Final Results –
Albury Engineering Mower 6, C. Burt, L. Kerr, P. Hossack Def Delited Cleaning Service 5 R. Hempel, T. Evans, K. Hempel
Division 3 Leading Players – Paul Hossack & Julien Brown
Division 3 Final Results – Daintree Dental 6 C. Grealy, K. Pearson (F/I), N. Radcliffe Def Lavington Auto Electrical 4 P. Hossack, J. Grealy, X. Hossack
Division 4 Leading Player – Cassie Kreutzberger
Division 4 Final Results
– Daintree Dental 3 C. Kreutzberger, N. Kreutzberger Def Commercial Club 0 H. Chuwan, A. Beall
Photos available on our Photos page.

There were 17 locals amongst the 104 entrants and here are some winner and runner-up results for the AWTTA members:
Winner Over 70 Mixed Doubles: Sandra Eldridge & Geert Mensinga.
Winner Over 60 Women’s Doubles: Sandra Eldridge & Julie McKenzie-McHarg.
Winner Div 4 (Rating under 1000) Singles (Sunday): Terry Caldwell
Runner-up Over 80 Singles: Kevin Phibbs.
Runner-up Over 70 Women’s Singles: Sandra Eldridge.
Runner-up: Over 70 Men’s Doubles: Wolf Forke & Chris Grealy.
Runner-up Over 65 Men’s Doubles: Geert Mensinga & Rick Reitenbach.
Runner-up Over 65 Women’s Doubles: Lyn Forke & partner.
Runner-up Div 3 (Rating under 1300) Singles (Sunday): Ian Radley
Runner-up Div 4 (Rating under 1000) Singles (Saturday): Doug Rose.
Runner-up Div 4 (Rating under 1000) Singles (Sunday): Robert Oliver

2023 Club Championship results
Division 1 Levi Geering Def Max Geering 11-13, 9-11. 11-9, 11-9, 11-8
Division 2 Cameron Burt Def Ethan Hailey 11-6. 11-7, 11-13
Division 3 Lucas Welsh Def Andrew Welsh 11-7. 6-11, 11-6, 11-2
Division 4 Cassie Kreutzberger Def Chloe Bollingmoore 7-11, 11-8, 11-7, 11-0
Photos available on the Photos page.

2023 Winter Season Leading Players and Team Winners
Congratulations to all players.
Division 1 Leading Player: Levi Geering & Ash Wurtz
Division 1 Team Winners: Albury Engineering Mowing
Levi Geering, Tyler Green, Ian Jones (6) Def Arnold’s Fruit Market
Ashley Wurtz, Mitchell Smith (Fillin), Josh Kelly, Stuart Davidson (away) (5)
Division 2 Leading Player: Cameron Burt & Tyler Green
Division 2 Team Winners Delited Cleaning Service
Tyler Green, Antonio Fernandez, Zachary Moffat (6) Def Table Tennis World
Josh Kelly, Richard Rick Woods, Tenniell Evans (4)
Division 3 Leading Player: Chris Grealy
Division 3 Team Winners: Border Sign Studio
Paul McAlister, Andrew Welsh, Adam Batt (6) Def Table Tennis World 
Christopher Grealy, Julien Brown (Fillin), Nicholas Ratcliffe, Lucas Welsh (Away) (2)
Division 4 Leading Player: Neil Kreutzberger
Division 4 Team Winners Daintree Dental,  Will Kaye, Myles Hardge (3) Def Commercial Club , Neil Kreutzberger, Cassie Kreutzberger (2)
Photos available on the Photos page.

2023 Summer Season Leading Players and Team Winners
Congratulations to all players.
Division 1 Leading Player Levi Geering
Division 1 Team Winners HelloWorld: Ash Wurtz, Dean Bilston, Eamon O’Dowd
Division 2 Leading Player Cameron Burt & Eamon O’Dowd
Division 2 Team Winners Table Tennis World Josh Kelly, Terry Caldwell, Julie McKenzie-McHarg
Division 3 Leading Player David Avery & Antonia Fernandez
Division 3 Team Winners Table Tennis World: Jo Cantor, Iain Dalitz, Ethan Tschirpig
Division 4 Leading Player Julien Brown
Division 4 Team Winners Commercial Club Craig Fischer, Parv Gevariya
Photos will be on the Photos page soon.

Our 2022 Victorian Country Championship players.
C.Phibbs, L.VanZanten, C.Luton, T.Cardwell, S. Palmer, M.Geering, M.Bowd, W.Forke
D.Thorpe, T.Thorpe, K.Smith, A.Rix, A.Harding, P.Thorpe, L.Geering, L.Forke
See Photo page for more photos and results.
Full results https://www.tabletennisvic.org.au/…/country-championships/

Congratulations to Luke Van Zanten (Under 19’s), Max Geering (Under 17’s) and Levi Geering (Under 15’s) on selection in the Victoria teams to compete at the National Championships to be held in July. Their hard work, coaching and training has paid off for them.

Monthly coaching
Sam Palmer, an experienced coach from Cranbourne, conducts coaching sessions at our club.
There are two sessions on one Saturday per month, 9.30am to 12.00pm and 1.00pm to 3.30pm.
The cost is $35 for one session (either one) and $65 for both sessions. If you are interested email President@awtta.org.au who will advise coaching dates, as available.

Yarrawaonga Results 4th 5th December 2021
Great result for the Teams Event .

Max Geering and Levi Geering won the A Grade teams event without dropping a match in 16 singles and 4 doubles matches. Max was best player in A Grade. Luke Van Zanten and Terry Caldwell won the B Grade teams event without dropping a match in 16 singles and 4 doubles matches. Luke was best player in B Grade.
Michelle Bowd received a trophy for most enthusiastic female player.

21 April 2021 marks the 50 year anniversary of the ‘Australian Ping Pong Diplomacy Tour’, where a group of five Australians travelled to China for competitions, training and cultural exchange. The Australian team comprised:

  • Noel Shorter (NSW) – Coach
  • Paul Pinkewich (NSW) – Player
  • Steve Knapp (NSW/VIC) – Player
  • Ann Middleton (née McMahon) (SA/NSW) – Player
  • Dr. John Jackson (SA) – President and Team Manager

The Tour played an important role in China opening their borders to the western world and was a precursor to official diplomatic relations being established between Australia and China. Noel, Paul and Steve, as the three surviving team members, reunited in Sydney to reminisce and celebrate their historic Tour.

Good artile from Border Mail, 6th Feb 2021, Well done Max & Levi.

Country Week results (2019).

Congratulations to all our Country Weeks teams. You have done our club proud. We came home with two trophies, C4, Adrian Rix, Casey Barker and Steve Bell and D4, Cody Luton, Max and Levi Geering. Max Geering was also leading player in D3. Dean Bilston was runner up in the over 30 singles.
Teams Results (PDF 160 KB) Individual results (PDF 875 KB)

AWTTA celebrate 50 years

What a great night it was for our 50 year celebration tonight, Friday 24th May 2019.
About 80 members attended and we enjoyed a dinner together before playing some doubles and singles matches.
There was a big announcement also made tonight, former AWTTA player, Steve Dainton, who is now the CEO of ITTF, congratulated the club on achieving 50 years , and he has donated a trip to the 2020 ITTF World Championship in Korea next year. The committee will decide on Monday how to use this generous gift donated by Steve.
Below is Steve’s message and some photos from tonight.
Congratulations to our Doubles winners, Max Geering & Hans Blas and our Singles winner Jay Blanes.

Nice Article from Border Mail 24th May 2019.

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